What drives me is to successfully support individuals to resolve conflict and to negotiate solutions. I work with people to empower them to reach an agreement or resolution they can all live with.

I have extensive experience of facilitating mediation for families and within the workplace. Having worked with individuals, groups and families within the private, public and voluntary sectors for over fifteen years, I bring a diverse wealth of experience and skill to my role as mediator. I specialise in working with families and I have extensive experience of developing mediation services within the charity sector.


I can work with families who wish to improve communication and resolve conflict. I provide a confidential setting within which you will be listened to and supported to communicate your issues and concerns safely. I can help you focus on where you can agree, put disagreements aside and reach a resolution you can all live with.

I don’t offer mediation for couples who are separating and want to make arrangements regarding property, finances and legal arrangements regarding their children.


When disputes occur within the workplace, mediation enables those involved to have a safe and confidential space to discuss their issues and concerns and how they might want to improve interpersonal relationships within the workplace. It also provides an opportunity to map out and put forward how those involved would like things to be done differently. Mediation is a quick, cost effective way of resolving disputes, reducing stress for everyone involved and helping to avoid employee dispute processes. In most cases workplace mediation cases are resolved in one day.

I trained with ACAS in 2012 as a workplace mediator and successfully facilitated mediation for organisations within the public sector.

I have chaired committees and delivered conflict resolution workshops in schools, colleges and in youth centres. In 2014 I developed and set-up mediation services in Holloway and Pentonville prisons to help prisoners and their families maintain positive contact and vital links upon release.

As an experienced mediator and psychotherapist, my experience offers sensitivity and deep understanding of people, their conflicts and the complexity of interpersonal dynamics.

If you think you need support with issues of conflict or miscommunication I can deliver bespoke sessions to suit your needs.

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